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Whether your journey is to gain insight into your life’s work, to cope with day-to-day realities, to turn things around, “get back to normal,” or to make your life better than ever, there is something you can do to make it happen and there is someone who can help you reach your destination.


is a leading Inspirational Speaker, Master Success Coach, and Spiritual Intuitive, who has helped hundreds of people just like you.

Supported by her wealth of professional success and personal experience, Paulette invites you to find


It’s that place within yourself, the essence of who you are and the source of strength and inner wisdom that will show you how to successfully resolve issues, and break through obstacles and blocks that keep  you from moving forward.  As you discover and uncover your Center of Self Discovery, you will create your desired future by knowing  and understanding what success means in every area of your life and creating a path to get there.

Let Paulette help you discover that place of inner wisdom that makes real change possible. Contact: paulette@centerofselfdiscovery.com.

The Center of Self Discovery
Uniting Vision with Infinite Possibilities……